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1    Rolan Warranty

1.1    The Rolan Warranty will be in place for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase, for tyres not more than 4 years old, calculated from the production date of the tyre.

1.2    The onus of determining the date of production of the tyre or tyres from the relevant manufacturer or manufacturers lies solely with the purchaser. Rolan and its servants or agents bare no responsibility for the determination of the production date of the tyre or tyres, as the purchaser must make his or her own enquiries.

1.3    All tyres sold by Rolan have warranty extended to the original purchaser only, to cover conditions that are reasonably considered to have been within the manufacturer’s control, such as the quality of materials and/or workmanship.

2    Rolan Limitations

2.1    The Rolan Warranty does not cover conditions that are not considered to have been within the manufacturer’s control, including irregular wear attributed to a lack of tyre maintenance or vehicle condition, damage due to accidents and/or damage due to vandalism or being driven on while flat.

2.2    Out of balance or out of round adjustments will only be accepted during the first 1mm of original tread depth. Original usable tread is defined as the original tread down to 1.6mm remaining tread, at which time the product is considered worn-out.

2.3    When the good is judged defective, pro-rata compensation will be made for the remaining tread depth as against the original tread depth.

2.4    The customer must produce the purchase receipt upon notifying Rolan of an Rolan Warranty claim.

2.5    All Rolan Warranty claims are subject to an inspection of the goods by Rolan should Rolan so require.

2.6    Where the customer notifies us of an Rolan Warranty claim, we will charge the customer postage costs to send the goods back to us. The postage costs will be refundable if there is found to be a claim.

2.7    Rolan retains discretion as to if, how, and when, the inspection occurs.  Rolan and/or the manufacturer will determine at no cost to the customer the cause of the fault within a reasonable time frame.

2.8    Adjustments are subject to the Rolan Warranty being valid and in effect at the time the goods were purchased.

3    Rolan Exclusions

3.1    Rolan Warranties do not cover damage due to road hazards (e.g. cut, snag, bruise, impact or puncture).

3.2    Rolan Warranties do not cover damage due to: improper fitment & mounting; misalignment; improper inflation; overloading; wheel imbalance; theft; defective mechanical conditions such as brakes, shock absorber or rims; wreck or collision; and wilful damage or abuse.

3.3    Rolan Warranties do not cover damage due to use of an improper inner tube.

3.4    All obligations and/or liabilities for incidental or consequential damage are hereby excluded.

3.5    Rolan Warranties do not cover instances of goods causing damage to persons and/or property.

3.6    Rolan Warranties do not extend to any loss or damage that the customer has caused or contributed to.

4    Extended Warranty

4.1    Rolan also offers customers the option to purchase an Extended Warranty for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase.

4.2    The Extended Warranty is only available for products which are no older than 5 years, calculated from their production date, and is available to customers who purchase Rolan products on the Rolan website only.

4.3    The customer must retain a copy of the Tax Invoice for the purchase of the tyres and the Extended Warranty, and must present the Tax Invoice upon returning the item under the Extended Warranty.

4.4    The Extended Warranty is subject to the same limitations and exclusions as the standard 12 month Warranty.